A Thursday Night 5k Race in Central Park

A Thursday Night Race! (July 2018)

Hot. Humid. And Brutal.

Before this race, I had never run a race at night. Or a race on a Thursday for that matter. Since it was only a 5k and it’s a course that I like in Central Park, I decided to give it a whirl.

Thankfully, it was only 3.1 miles. Out of all the runs and races this summer, this one was by far the most challenging. I didn’t realize that coming directly from work and being tired from the day would have such an impact. It also didn’t help that the subway I took to the upper west side had zero AC. I was drenched in sweat before I even began to run!

Overall, the race went well. I started too fast on a decline hill and had to push the last .5 mile up a gradual incline. I paced well – under 8 minute miles – but felt sick afterwords. Everyone was hot, sticky and gross. The best part were the icy pops we received after the race in lieu of medals.

I think the takeaway here is to always remember that if it’s your first time doing something (first night race, first race after work on a Thursday, etc.) that there could be unexpected results good or bad. Every situated is going to cause your body to react in a different way. The more experiences you have, the more prepared you are for a variety of challenges and circumstances. Although overall I performed well, I decided that night races aren’t my thing. I love training at night and will continue to do so. But for races, it’s important that I put my best foot forward (pun intended) and it’s hard to do that at the end of a work day.

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