Summer Racing: The Retro 4 Miler (July 2018)

I’ve been easing back into marathon training as I’m beginning to gear up for marathon #2 – NYC in November 2018. Instead of running long distance only, I’ve decided to throw in some short distance races. There are 2 main reasons for this 1) It’s nice to switch things up and focus on speed from time to time and 2) I’m trying to do the 2019 NYC Marathon through NYRR’s 9 + 1 program for 2019. Essentially you must run 9 of their races and volunteer at 1 race in 2018 to qualify for admission into the 2019 NYC Marathon.

The NYRR RETRO 4 MILER was one of my first short distance runs. The only other short race I’ve run was a 5k in 2016 (Color Run). However, I’ll continue to throw in smaller races in addition to longer training ones this year.

I really liked running the 4-mile distance. We did a small loop in Central Park, it didn’t take the whole day, and I wasn’t really sore after. Surprisingly, it was still challenging in its own right. Since it’s the summer, it was obviously hot, humid and sticky. I didn’t realize how humid until I started running. I really should’ve hydrated more beforehand. I also ran a little under the weather, which probably contributed to me not feeling 100 percent while running.

Even with those challenges, I locked in and knew that the race would be brief. My only goal was to run sub 8-minute miles. I accomplished that and then some! My average pace was 7:27, which is the best PR I’ve ever had!

NYRR does a great job making their events fun and festive! Everyone was decked out in retro running gear. There was even a band playing old time songs at the finish line, and an old, retro VW which doubled as a photo booth inside the VW (such a great idea – I should have done that for my wedding!).

All in all, it was a great event. It was nice to be done by 8:35am. We started our Saturday early and were left in Central Park to leisurely stroll through the best park in the world!

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