The Manhattan 7 Mile Race

The Manhattan 7 Mile Race (August 2018)

Two days before I leave for Europe and guess what I’m doing? Yup, you guessed it – running and racing. I wanted to squeeze in one final race before heading out of the country for two weeks. I chose the NYRR Manhattan 7 Mile in Central Park because it’s a good training run and a decent hill workout. Plus, as I’m trying to do the 9 +1 for 2019, and I need as many races as possible to fulfill that goal.

For me, the most challenging season to train in is the summer months. This is a shame since so many marathons are in the fall. New York is always hot and humid in August, so I knew in advance that it wouldn’t be a fun training race, but a needed one.

Since I was pretty inconsistent with training over the summer, this race was harder than I anticipated. I normally don’t stop while running any distance under 13-14 miles unless there’s an equipment malfunction or injury. However, being that it was so hot, I actually took a second to walk. This happens and it’s ok to do this if you need a second to reset.

I finished the race which was one loop around Central Park. I was dripping wet and underprepared, but I accomplished it. The main takeaway is to always listen to your body. If you need to stop for a minute and walk to reset, then do it. The most important part is that you cross that finish line injury free.

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