The 18 Mile Training Series Race

18 Miles in the Summer Sun (September 2018)

First, 18 miles is a long way. Whenever I need a push and an incentive to run long distance, I sign up for a race. This will be my longest training run as I gear up for the marathon. For my first marathon, my longest run was only 16.3 miles – definitely not long enough. Although 18 is an improvement, it’s still not where I need to be.

I attempted a new strategy for this race – run slower to conserve energy for the last few miles. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to work too well. I got tired around mile 15 (seems to be a weak spot of mine). I ended up doing a run/walk combo the last 3 miles. As disappointed as I was to do that, I needed to and my body just wasn’t ready. As much as I love the Central Park loop, the Harlem Hills get to me after I while. After looping the last lap and completing the hill workouts, that’s when I decided to run/walk.

I’ll admit, I didn’t feel that great in this race. But I finished and I’m a better runner for it.

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