Running Q&A: Get to Know Me!

Running Q&A: Get to Know Me!

Q: Why do you run?

A: There’s a lot of reasons. The first one is for physical fitness and mental wellbeing. It’s a great way to stay in shape and incentivizes me to be the best version of myself from a health perspective.

Second, running is a phenomenal outlet for me to literally run off into my own world for a few hours – truly therapeutic.

Third, the runners community is amazing – encouraging, supportive, and uncommonly kind.

Fourth, the runners high. After finishing my first marathon, I was in a runners high coma for at least a couple days. It feels amazing.

Fifth: The medals. Let’s be honest, medals are awesome. I won’t run a race unless there’s a medal waiting for me at the finish line.

Overall, I love feeling accomplished, breaking personal records, doing things I never thought possible and getting inspired/inspiring others along the way. All while getting in better shape and getting mentally stronger.

Q: What is your pre-race breakfast? Do you have anything special?

A: I usually do a plain bagel/toast with peanut butter. Then, I have a lot of water mixed with some electrolytes/caffeine (usually Nuun). That’s my go to meal. However, I’ve also ran on oatmeal, honey and blueberries + water/Nuun.

Q: When do you start hydrating for the race?

A: I try to start seriously hydrating for the race 48 hours prior to the race. I also try to start monitoring my meals and not put anything in my body that could throw me off or cause bloating for the race.

Q: Do you use any Gus or Gels on the course?

A: Yes – I prefer the Go Isotonic apple flavored gel. I find it’s easily digestible and is thin/runny. A lot of the gels are too thick/sweet for my liking.

Q: Do you eat the free hydration foods at the course stations?

A: It depends. If I have my own stuff, I’ll always use that first. I know how my body will react to what I’ve had before and I don’t want to risk having something that won’t sit well during the race. However, If I really need something, I will splurge sometimes.

Q: Do you get side aches or cramps during the race?

A: That’s really two questions rolled into one. I think every runner has experienced both of those issues at some point. I find that you can’t judge a long distance run on the first 3 miles. I’ve often had side aches or cramps for the first few miles, but I run through them and it usually improves.

Honestly, it depends on the aches and cramps. You should know your body and what it’s trying to tell you. For me, there’s times where my body is essentially just complaining and I know I can push through and it’ll get better.

There’s also time where I feel bad pain – hamstring issues mainly. At that point, it’s important to be smart. If you need to walk for a bit, no one is going to judge you. You do you.

Q: Music or no music?

A: Definitely music. I usually only listen to NF (rapper) during my runs. However, I’ll also throw in some Rob Bailey (body builder rapper). I find both of them to be inspiring and music that pushes me further.

Q: A random running fact about you – Go!

A: I hate bananas. I know, races and bananas are like peanut butter and jelly. When I was running my first marathon, they had several stations just full of bananas. I want to like bananas, but every time I’ve eaten a banana in the last 10 years I get sick. My stomach hurts for a solid hour. It’s not a fun fact, but definitely random.

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