Rock N Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon

Rock N Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon: Redemption (October 2017)

I was actually really nervous for this race and had a lot to prove to myself. My first marathon is in January of 2018 in Disney World and I only started seriously training late August/early September. My second half marathon ever was in September and frankly, it was a disaster. It was a very rude start to my training and I had no business running in that race. I ran it without training for it. I had taken a break off training in the summer, so coming back and running the half marathon in September was extremely difficult. I paced awfully and was one of the last to finish.

With that recent memory in my head from last month’s poor half performance, I was ready to give the half another shot. Although this time, I had trained more vigorously over the last 5 weeks and whipped myself into better (not perfect) shape. My two main goals for this race were 1.) Not to walk during the race and 2.) To get a sub 2-hour PR.

First off, if you haven’t run a Rock N Roll race, you totally should! They are very well done, professional, and fun races with amazing staff, freebies and medals.

Second, this was a very challenging race for me as I was determined not to walk and to push through. We started by the Brooklyn Art Museum (a standard place that most Brooklyn halves start at), ran through the streets of Brooklyn and then did a loop in Prospect Park to finish the race. There’s a gradual incline in Prospect Park that I absolutely hate. Even though it’s not even that bad, it can be a mental barrier.

By the time I finished, I was exhausted. So many people were there, it was hard to find my wife. I think there were about 8,000 runners at this one + all the families, friends and spectators. I didn’t stay for the post-race festivities and I didn’t grab my free beer either (although I’m not a beer guy and who wants beer after a race anyways?!). Water please.

I was 1 for 2 on my goals. I didn’t walk at all – which proved to me that I was progressing. However, I missed my goal of a sub 2-hour finish. I wasn’t quite there yet in my training. I paced 9:27 avg. per mile with an overall finish time of 2:03:58. Although it wasn’t my goal, I was content as it was a new PR and a lot of grit and audacity went into crossing that finish line.

It was good to get this race under my belt and have a totally different outcome than September. It was more of a redemption race for me.

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