Popular Brooklyn Half

The Popular Brooklyn NYRR Half Marathon: Dripping in the Rain (May 2018)

The IT Band is not healed yet. But it’s heading in the right direction and was decent enough to participate in the largest half marathon in the country. Initially I had very ambitious goals to crush my PR in this race, but of course an injury will very quickly kill that dream.

I woke up grumpy as I hate running in the rain and it was a 100% chance of rain during the race. However, these type of runs build character. Every race is its own story with unique challenges and obstacles to overcome. Just like life, the more you run, the more you experience and the more adaptable and better you become.

I learned a very valuable lesson before the race started. Invest in a running poncho!!! Even though I knew it was going to rain, I was convinced it would all sort itself out and be fine. This was false. I was dripping wet and soggy from head to toe before I even started. After 45 minutes of waiting in my corral, I started shivering because I was that wet and cold.

The race finally started and I was eager to be done. The waiting in the rain was the worst part. I did experience a little pain with my IT Band, but it was manageable pain and I didn’t try to break any records. I finished in 1:51:09.

This was one of those races where you earned your post run meal and got an amazing story in the process. Although I don’t want to run in those conditions again, I know I probably will and I’ll be better prepared to adapt and handle it. Each run and race brings new obstacles to overcome. That’s one of my favorite parts about running – no run is ever quite identical.

My time wasn’t a PR and this race was not fun, but that’s ok. Some runs are glamorous and others are pure grit.

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