NYCRUNS Frozen Penguin Half Marathon

My First Race After the Marathon (March 2018)

After the Marathon in January, I took a solid amount of time off to truly recover and heal. I ran a little bit starting 1-2 weeks after the marathon, but kept the mileage to 1-5 miles per run. By March, I thought I would be ready to jump back to it. In hindsight, I wasn’t quite ready to knock out a half.

First, the pros:

This was an amazing race. It was right off the river in Brooklyn and displayed views of the Verrazano Bridge one way and views of the World Trade Center the other. It was very cold – about 32 degrees and windy since it was right off the water.

Starting the race was a little bumpy for me. I jumped in the restroom line about 45 minutes before the race started. However, the line was super long. The race actually started while I was heading into the outhouse to pee quick. After I peed, I rushed to my wife because I still had my sweatpants over my shorts (it was freezing). I hustled and started in the last wave. I was adjusting my music for the first half mile or so since I didn’t have a chance to do that earlier. It was stressful and not how I like to start races, but oh well! You live and you learn. Facts of life over here!

The course was great because it was a completely flat course (my first) and it was so windy that it almost felt like you were flying going one way. I felt like I ran a strong, fast race. And I actually PR’d! My average pace was exactly 8:00 minute miles and I finished in 1:44:51. I destroyed my previous PR by 11+ minutes.

The t-shirt and medal were also amazing.

Second, the cons:

The last 2 miles, I noticed some strong discomfort in my right outer knee. However, being close to finishing, I plowed through as that’s my mentality. Shortly after the race as I was going down stairs to the subway, the pain was way worse. This was my 6th half marathon so I had a good idea of how I should feel afterwards and this certainly did not fit that criteria.

I honestly figured it was due to running a much faster, competitive race and my body just wasn’t use to it. In a couple days, I figured I’d be back to normal. That didn’t happen.

Long story short, I self-diagnosed myself with IT Band on my right knee and a slight case of it on my left. That’s for a different post though. Although I PR’d and was so proud of this race, it was bittersweet as it came with a price and pushed back other goals for 2018.

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