Hydrate During Summer Marathon Training!

Hydrate During Summer Marathon Training!

The summer is my least favorite time to run. It’s always hot and humid. If it were a dry heat, it would be more tolerable, but the east coast is always hot and sticky in the summer months. Unfortunately, fall marathons force summer long runs. Summer training is not ideal, but a necessary evil. In summer, it’s especially important to hydrate properly.


Most people struggle to stay hydrated in general regardless of the month. A 2013 study from CBS Miami found that “up to 75 percent of Americans may be functioning in a chronic state of dehydration.” Think about that – 3 out of 4 people may be chronically dehydrated. It’s important to keep in mind that caffeinated drinks also act as dehydrators and can counteract our water intake.

Of course, I’m a huge advocate for everyone to hydrate appropriately athlete or non-athlete. However, as an athlete, it’s extremely important to push the water and electrolytes when training. I’ll let you do your due diligence on how much water you should intake daily as there are so many factors and variables involved.

So, what are some steps I take to stay hydrated?

  • Awareness

With anything in life, it starts with being aware. I actively try to stay aware of how much I hydrate. It’s helpful to get into a routine.

  • Plan 

Before long runs or races, I always hydrate ahead of time and pump more fluids and water into my system. During runs, I’ll analyze how my body is performing and whether I need to hydrate again. Post workout, the first thing I do is hydrate to make sure I’m increasing my fluid levels.

  • Nuun Hydration 

I’m an ambassador for Nuun Hydration. You can check out my athlete profile. After intense workouts, I like to hydrate with one of their Sport + Caffeine Tablets. This helps me replenish quickly. My definition of an “intense workout” varies greatly. If I run 3 miles on a humid day outside and come back sweaty, I deem that as an “intense workout.” Nuun is great because it’s light on the calories, carbs and sugar. They try to use natural ingredients and I love that their caffeine is from organic green tea extract.

  • My Routine 

I often drink over a gallon of water a day. This is normal for me. With long runs and training regimens, I need to constantly be hydrating. In addition to water, I’ll drop a Nuun Tablet into my water to get extra electrolytes after intense training. Besides that, I’ll usually have 1-2 cups of black coffee throughout my day. Although it’s technically a dehydrator, I’m aware of that and make up for it with my overall water consumption.

Besides that, I don’t drink anything else (besides the occasional drink to kick off the weekends). I’m not an advocate for soda or any drink that has unnecessary amounts of sugar, unnatural flavorings, dye, etc.

This summer, be conscious and hydrate accordingly. Regardless of your training regimen, don’t allow yourself to get dehydrated.

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