Gobble Gobble: Turkey Trot Time!

Gobble Gobble: Turkey Trot Time!

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is all the great traditions. My family has specific traditions that are only for Thanksgiving. For instance, the night before we always feast on an assortment of appetizers – usually a spread of fresh cheeses, bread, homemade stuffed mushrooms and other samplers. The day of Thanksgiving, we all pitch in to make our annual favorites: Our secret recipe stuffing, the turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green & white salad, rolls, gravy, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, pies, homemade egg nog and more. The Macy’s parade is always on television in the morning, naps are usually expected in the late afternoon, and the evening brings out the wine and games.

A New Thanksgiving Tradition: 

This year, I started a brand-new tradition: A 5k Turkey Trot. My wife and I swap holidays with our families. This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with her family in Wisconsin. I decided a few months prior that I’d run a 5k Turkey Trot the morning of Thanksgiving. I landed on the local Racine Turkey Trot right off Lake Michigan. It’s a beautifully scenic route. In fact, it was the same course I ran over Labor Day for the Bacon & Beer 5k. I ran with a runner friend of mine I met off Instagram (Twinningtherace).

It was a chilly morning and I bundled up in my beanie, running gloves and compression tights. I was determined to run a fast race and land in the top 10 – depending on if my knees could hold up (still recovering a bit from the NYC Marathon).  For a 5k Turkey Trot, the race is actually challenging. Since it’s right off the lake, you get the cold and windy lake affects. There are also 3 hilly areas (note to myself: Start doing more hill workouts – you need it!). Even with the cold weather, I love waking up early to run local races while on vacation. It excites me and I was mostly smiles.

Thankful to Run: 

Starting off, I paced with my friend for the first couple hundred yards until I locked into a slower pace. I knew if I kept his pace, I’d end up gassing out before the end of the course. I sprinted as fast as my legs would allow and finished in 22:58 for 7th overall out of 250+ runners. Props to my friend for claiming first place! Although I didn’t get a PR, I had a great time running a scenic race. My knees are a little sore from the speed – as they probably need a little more recovery time post marathon before sprinting a 5k.

As I analyze the year, I’m thankful for so many people and items in my life. I’m not trying to sound corny, but I am truly thankful to have the health and ability to run. I’m also thankful that it was only a 5k Turkey Trot and nothing more! I thoroughly enjoyed the local Turkey Trot: The scenery, crisp air, turkey medals, fun t-shirts and bibs. It was a fun experience and it started my day on a great note and put a smile on my face! This is definitely a tradition I plan on carrying over for Thanksgiving 2019.

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