Fred Lebow Half Marathon

The Fred Lebow Half Marathon, January 2019

One of my goals is always to start the new year strong – running a half marathon in January is a great way to kick things off. As I gear up for my Spring races, it’s important that training starts in January and racing incentivizes me to stay on target. The Fred Lebow Half Marathon is my first half marathon since October’s Brooklyn Half.

Living in NYC, the weather in January is often a mixed bag. It’s pretty risky running a half in January. You never know if you’re going to be running on ice, in puddles or frigid temperatures. For this race, it was puddles and cold rain.

My Goals:

My goal for this race was very simple: Use it as a training run. It was not designed to be a PR race. I wanted to ensure my training started in January and this was a great way to do that. I ran a sub 2 hour half marathon (5-6 minutes off my PR time). No complaints from me as it was just a training a run and I wasn’t that prepared for it.

The weather made it challenging — I got drenched. When I got home, I was literally wringing out my clothes – everything was soaked! All in all, it was a much needed training run, but a gritty run. As much as I hate running in tough weather conditions, I know that it’s helpful in the longterm. The more experiences I have in tough weather, the better prepared I am to successfully tackle it the next time around. I always try to find a positive spin for every race (especially the tough ones)!

A huge thank you to the NYRR staff and volunteers – they are often overlooked and are a huge part of every race. The only thing worse than running in the cold rain is standing in it for hours. I really appreciate the team and volunteers.

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