Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-Miler Round 2

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After expecting to never run 10 miles again, the fall of 2016 slowly rolled around. Questions within the family started to surface of whether we were going to run again. This time, my sister was out because she was pregnant. But her husband desperately wanted to take a crack at the 10 miles after experiencing severe FOMO the first time around. So naturally, we accepted. Me, my wife, my brother-in-law and his brother all decided to train for this race.

However, this time, I promised myself to do the training right and commit. I started my training 3 months ahead of the race. 1-2 weeks before the race I ran a full 10 miles (without stopping) in Central Park. This was a huge step as I put in the work and lost a lot of weight in the meantime. It was still difficult to run the 10 miles, but I was hungry for a change in my life and I had a lot of incentives:

1.) I was in a tough transformation challenge with a college friend
2.) I did not want to experience the severe pain of 2016’s 10 Mile Race
3.) I wanted to get in shape for myself
4.) I wanted to beat my brother-in-law and his brother. We are all highly competitive (especially me) and I didn’t want to lose.

All four of these points drove me to train hard (still not perfect). I ran this race under 200 lbs with way more miles under my belt. At this point, I was still not an experienced runner and had a lot of work to do, but I was in way better shape than the previous year.

Same course. Same person, but a different body running it in 2017.

I promised myself I would not be beat by my brother-in-law. Our wave started and I practically sprinted ahead. I never looked back and ran the whole thing without stopping. I beat him and his brother. I also beat my wife. I crushed my time from the previous year. This year, I was proud of myself. I trained way better, performed at a higher level and I beat everyone on my team (which was the plan).

The pain after the run was not nearly as bad. However, I was still pretty stiff/sore and got a headache. Although I trained better, this was still not a cake walk. Because I didn’t want to be beat, I ran much faster than what I had trained for – contributing to my soreness. I was still a novice running and I was still making mistakes (not training adequately, running faster than my training, dehydration, etc.). My training was steadily and slowly going in the right direction. I was on the right trajectory, but the journey was slow.

I received my medal and was happy with my overall progression. I got my race photos. I was proud this year.

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