Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-Miler Round 3

To Run or Not to Run (April 2018)

The hard part about races is that you must sign up months in advance for marquee races. Otherwise, you won’t be able to participate. I signed up for the Cherry Blossom race in November. The race wasn’t until April. In November, I wasn’t injured. In April, I was.

My IT Band still wasn’t healed and I was having trouble deciding whether to run at all. I had bought better, more supportive running shoes. I also had knee braces. I also was doing different stretches to help it improve. However, with all of that, it still wasn’t great.

In hindsight, it would have made more sense not to run. However, since I already signed up and paid, I decided to run. This also was going to be my 3rd year in a row running this race and I desperately wanted to race it.

I really pushed myself and ran in some pain. I still ran faster than my first two DC Cherry Blossom races, which was proof of how far I’ve come. However, it wasn’t a fun experience at all. I didn’t walk and really pushed myself.

After the race, I was done. I would have liked to enjoy more of the festivities, but I opted to hail a cab, head back to the hotel, shower, eat and catch the bus back home.

I grinded this one out, for better or for worse.

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