The Color Run – 5K

The Color Run at Citi Field – May 2016

6 weeks after our first 10-mile race, my wife and I signed up for a 5k. The Color Run was coming to CitiField and I wasn’t going to pass on an opportunity to run a race through the Mets Stadium. It was an absolute blast and a great experience. At 3.1 miles, this race wasn’t as extreme as running the 10-mile race. We still weren’t in shape and hadn’t trained at all. In fact, we walked a lot of portions of this race too.

The Color Run was more of a quick walk/light jog as there were so many people it was almost more about the experience than running. We accepted that as we weren’t in shape. I don’t even recall what our time was, but we weren’t focused on that at all. We both got a medal, celebrated our small victory and stuffed our bag full of free bars and drinks.

If you have a chance to run a Color Run, go for it! They’re a blast, stress-free, and are simply fun. The highlight for me was running in the stadium and around the warning track at CitiField.

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