Why I Run

Why I Run

I’ll be honest, I’ve never considered myself a runner. Even now, after 5 half marathons and just completing my first full marathon, I don’t view myself as an actual runner. However, whether I view myself as a runner or not, that’s what I currently am. I run all the time, train, run races, and I’m now offering advice to others looking to pick up the sport. And guess, what? I love it!

It’s ironic that running is my sport I’ve chosen. Growing up, baseball was my world. In early high school, my skills were almost bullet proof after many years of hard work. Defensively, it was hard to get a ball by me at shortstop, I was a solid hitter and mastered the strategy aspect of the game. My Achilles heel? Yup, you guessed it. Running. I was always one of the slowest, if not the slowest, runner on my team. I hated running drills because I always lost.

I was told my running technique was poor. I ran flat-footed. I ran with my arms flailing wide instead of vertical. My form is still not perfect, but improved. It’s funny that now I’m a runner.

So Why do I run?

  • It Incentivizes Me to Stay in Shape

I started signing up for races, because I needed an incentive to train. Everyone’s lives are busy and stressful – with work, family, and everyday requirements. I noticed I was gaining a ton of weight, not having “time” to workout, and that I was no longer my athletic self. I always defined myself as an athlete, so not being one was highly discouraging. I needed a push to get back into shape – dropping $80-120 on a race forced me to do just that. If I’m spending money, I’m following through. And if I’m following through, I expect myself to perform at a high standard and not half ass it. In 2017 alone, I dropped 45 lbs by training, running, and maintaining a balanced nutrition plan. I love the new me or should I say the old one. And I’m not finished yet.

  • The Runners High

When I run, I feel free. As clique as it sounds, I run because I know one day I won’t be able to. I run because it’s a remarkable feat to run miles and miles. I run because in that moment, I’m unstoppable and feel that runners high.

  • The Runners Community

Honestly, the running community on social media is amazing. IG particularly is a great place to get input and advice, share your successes and failures and celebrate other’s achievements. The whole running community on IG is very positive and energetic.

In summary, I can’t help but sign up for races. There are so many on my bucket list now – NYC Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Berlin, Big Sur, etc.

I want to become better. I want to run faster. And I hope to run at a more competitive level.