I never would have guessed that I’d become runner. Baseball was my world growing up. I was a solid hitter and had mastered the strategy of the game. My Achilles heel? Yup, you guessed it – running.

My shoes were always one of the last ones to cross the line during training drills. To add to that picture in your head, I ran flat-footed with arms flailing wide.

Irony is a funny thing isn’t it?

About a decade later, I’ve completed dozens of races including eight half marathons and one (almost two) marathon. I started signing up for races, because I needed an incentive to drop some weight. But my punishment is now my passion. And what makes it even better is that I’m a runner in one of the greatest city in the world!

I’ve come to the realization after spending nearly four years in the “city that never sleeps,” that everyone is busy and stressed with work, family, and everyday obligations. But not having “time” to workout is really just about the lamest and unoriginal excuse you can tell yourself.

If you’re looking for training tips, nutrition recommendations, inspiring adventures or someone to run with you’ve come to the right place!

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