5th Avenue 1 Mile Race

The 5th Avenue Mile (September 2018)

I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to run the 5th Avenue Mile – a 1 mile sprint starting near the MET and ending near 56th street. Since it was only 1 mile, my wife decided to participate and run too – which was awesome!

When I signed up, I didn’t realize how big of a race event this is. They broadcast the event live and elites came into NYC to compete. It’s always a privilege to run races with elite athletes.

I always focus on endurance over speed, so running a 1-mile race was a brand-new experience for me. I was always curious how fast I could be for only 1-mile. Today was my day to prove it. Unfortunately, my marathon training just picked up so I wasn’t in the best shape for a sprint. I had just completed a 10-mile run the day before, so I was a little stiff. Even with that, I completed my mile in 6:01 – my fastest mile that I’ve ever tracked (also my only 1 mile race I’ve tracked).

I definitely want another crack at this event next year as I know I can do better. I’d like to see myself push 5:30 and I think that’s totally realistic given the right circumstances.

The takeaway: If you’re like me and run in NYC all the time, consider yourself lucky and blessed. Our events our top notch, elites come in from all over the world and a lot of the events are broadcast live. It’s a privilege and honor to run with so many great runners in NYC. If you haven’t run in NYC, you totally should. It’s really special to sprint down 5th Avenue, race in Central Park, or even do a training run across the Brooklyn Bridge.

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