2019 Goals: Running, Health, and Grit

2019 Goals: Running, Health, and Grit

Personally, I live by checklists and goals. At the end of every year, I start contemplating on the previous year. The pros and cons, areas for improvement and new goals to tackle for the following year. I generally start writing out my goals for the next year in October or November, although this year, I’m a little behind as I’m just getting my 2019 goals on paper now.

If you’re truly passionate about completing your goals for 2019, there are a few things you should always start with:

  • Put Your Goals on Paper

I find that writing out your goals is very valuable. It helps you think through what you want to accomplish and visualize it as well. Although I don’t know the exact number, I know that you’re more likely to achieve the goals you write down. And from personal experience, it’s true. Get those goals out of your head and on to paper.

  • Create a Road Map on How You Plan to Achieve Them

If you’re planning on running a marathon, do your due diligence and research. Put together a training plan and know in advance how you’re going to tackle it. The training plan may evolve or change as you learn more about your body and marathon training and that’s ok. It’s important to be able to adapt.

  • Be Consistent

After you’ve decided on your goals and created a blueprint on how to achieve them, the hard part is next. You need to follow through. To attain your goals, you’re going to have to be consistent. Keeping with the marathon training example, find ways to assist with consistency – whether you get an accountability runner friend, give yourself incentives, or use another method, nothing will happen without tough consistent effort.

In recap: Have a goal, create a plan, and stick to it! Fairly simple steps, but easier said than done.

Here are my fitness goals for 2019:

  • Sub 4:20 Marathon

During 2018, I completed my first two marathons: The Disney World Marathon (4:43) and then the NYC Marathon (4:53). My goal for NYC was to complete a sub 4:20, but I ran into issues and it didn’t happen. I’m more determined than ever to crush my sub 4:20 goal in 2018.

  • Tough Mudder

Ever since college, I’ve been talking about doing a Tough Mudder (the 10 Miler with all the obstacles). I think the only reason I haven’t done it yet is that I always wanted a group to compete with me. Now it’s 8 years later, and I’m determined to do it without a team if need be. This will be challenging as I’ll have to train my upper body strength.

  • Hike a 13er Mountain

It’s no secret that I love the outdoors: hiking, swimming, biking, running, etc. In 2019, I want to focus on becoming less of a one-dimensional athlete. Right now, I run and do a little strength training on the side. I love what I’m doing, but there’s a lot of outdoor sports I love that I’m not doing. I want to make a conscious effort to be less one-dimensional and start pushing the boundaries and expanding to different areas. Specifically, hiking/climbing mountains. I’d like to start by hiking a 13er in Colorado. This is a high priority of mine for 2019.

  • Nutrition

I need to focus on getting into a routine from a nutritional standpoint. I absolutely love cooking and meal planning, but have recently struggled with this as I’ve been busy with work and have let this slide. 2019 is the time to jump back into a consistent routine and push myself to be innovative and creative in the kitchen. My diet must mirror by workout routines. I can’t outrun a poor diet and need the proper fuel to allow me to hit my goals.

  • Cut My Body Fat by 10%

Over the course of 2018, my body fat slowly crept up. It was hovering around 12% in the spring, but now is a little over 18% – a 6% increase. I want to focus on knocking my body fat down to about 8% in 2019. Why? I don’t need excess fat on me for running and training and it slows me down. Also, if my body fat drops, that means I’m eating clean and smart.

What are your fitness and health goals for 2019?

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