2018 Life & Running Highlights

2018 Life & Running Highlights

As I think through the whirl wind of a year I had in 2018, it was full of laughs and struggles, accomplishments and challenges, successes and failures. I can say that I lived life to the fullest and it was truly an amazing year for me. Here are my 2018 Running Highlights by Month:

  • January: The Disney World Marathon

2018 started off with a bang when I completed my first marathon in January. It was an amazing experience and the runners high after the event was unreal. I truly believe that there’s nothing quite like finishing your very first marathon (at least for me).

  • February: Becoming More Confident as a Runner

In February, I became more confident in myself as a person and a runner. I joined a Runtastic running group for a weekend run in Central Park, which resulted in running with this group monthly from February – June (we stopped meeting for some reason after that). Through this group, I built some great friendships and got to know the NYC runner’s community a little better.

  • March: A Half Marathon PR

In March, I ran the Frozen Penguin Half Marathon in Bay Ridge. I hit a new PR and paced 8:00/minute miles for the full half marathon, which was a huge accomplishment for me.

  • April: The CUCB 10 Miler

Although I was injured with severe IT Band in my right knee, I fought through the pain and finished the CUCB 10 Miler in Washington DC. This is one of my favorite races.

  • May: The Popular Brooklyn Half

Believe it or not, this was my very first NYRR race. Frankly, this race went super poorly and was a disaster for me. I was still injured and it down poured before the race and rained off and on the whole time. I was soaked and shivering before the race even began. However, when I think of that race, I smile because it helped build me into the runner I am today. Gritty runs are good for you.

  • June: Vacation in Aruba

I took a break from races in June to recover and my wife and I headed to Aruba for vacation. We had the best vacation of our lives; It was so nice to get away and relax, recover and enjoy the ocean.

  • July: NYRR Races 

I ran my first two smaller races with NYRR in July. I worked on my speed and came away happy with my times.

  • August: A Trip to Europe with Friends

A dream of mine came true when I got to visit London, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris. This was a huge highlight and I’m so thankful for the opportunity. Life is short and nothing is guaranteed so I’m all about seizing the moment and doing things in the present.

  • September: A Labor Day 5K

Who would have thought a spur the moment 5k would be so enjoyable? I met one of my running friends from IG, ran a fast 5k, and won first place in my age group and 5th overall.

  • October: The Brooklyn Half Marathon

Although this was only a training race for the NYC Marathon, I ran a really strong race on one of my favorite courses in Brooklyn.

  • November: The NYC Marathon

Although the NYC Marathon didn’t go my way, it was still an amazing accomplishment and achievement that I’ll remember forever. I can’t wait to run it again and redeem myself.

  • December: Run Gum Ambassador for 2019

The highlight in December was becoming a Run Gum Ambassador for 2019. I’m so excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to share an amazing brand and product with other runners!

What were your 2018 running highlights?

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